J's A.R.C.C.
A - Awesome
R - Real
C - Chromosome
C - Citizens

We have an awesome soon to be 21 year old young man that has Down-Syndrome…

A Home where they can Grow and Flourish

A Place where they can be Creative and Themselves

A Home where they can be Free to Dream and Thrive

A Place where they can be Educated in their Strengths

J's A.R.C.C.
Creating a Home for...

Young Adults with Special Needs between the ages of 18 – 35

Phase 1- Acquire Land for J's ARCC

Unfortunately we could not acquire this piece of land, but we're still hopeful and believe there is an even better piece of land awaiting us...

Phase 2 - Farm Stall/coffee shop

More Info to be Shared SOON about this Phase

Phase 3 - Work Space Environment

More Info to Follow soon

Phase 4 - ARCC Community

More Info to Follow soon

Phase 5 - Guest House/s

More Info to Follow soon

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  1. This site is stunning, inspiring and encouraging. To think our dream can become a reality and fulfill a need in our society. You are a visionary leader and I am thankful to God to have a husband that cares and sees through Jesus eyes.

  2. Wow Karen and Jacques. I stand in awe. Congratulations! I wish you guys all of the best with your endeavor and I know it will bless so many people and families. God bless you and remember The best is yet to come. Vennice

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